"FAIR has played a constructive and important role in bringing balanced and thoughtful research to the debate on this highly sensitive issue, and at the same moment, advancing the case for stronger immigration policies."
-Former U.S. Senator and Immigration Committee Chairman Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.)

"You and FAIR are to be congratulated for your twenty years of effective work, not only informing and calling immigration problems to the attention of the American people, but also moving them to effective action."
-Former U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy (D-Minn.)

"Over these 20 years, I have had constant and intimate contact with [FAIR] and its founders and members. I have been constantly inspired and amazed by the originality of its work and by its good sense and courage. . . . FAIR has been unique - and its work is needed today more than ever."
-Syndicated columnist Georgie Anne Geyer

"Over the years, I have come to count on FAIR as a reliable source of information and proposals for making America a better place through immigration reform."
-U.S. Representative Bob Stump (R-Ariz.)

"I want to congratulate FAIR ... and commend you and Dan Stein for the effective and responsible effort the organization has made and continues to make. Without FAIR there would hardly be a reasonable voice in the land to counteract the clamor of the immigration industry."
-Former U.S. Senator Walter D. Huddleston (D-Ky.)

"Today, immigration reform is near the top of the public agenda. And FAIR has been at the forefront in spreading understanding about it."
-Businessman and philanthropist Henry Luce

"FAIR has consistently and cogently made the case for a critical link existing between present environmental crises and untenable population increase produced by mass immigration to this country. In the nonpartisan reformist battle to reclaim America from the selfish special interests . . . ., FAIR occupies a salient strategic position."
-Author and National Review contributing editor Chilton Williamson, Jr.